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Module 1/4, Lesson 2/14
Welcome to Lesson-I

Welcome to Lesson-I

Transitioning Bridle Aids to Legs

apply f2

What will you learn in this lesson?
. Going Forward
. Softening the Nose
. Pitching Away (long & low)
. Disengaging Haunches
. One-rein Stop
. Shoulders Over
. Pivot on Haunches
. One-rein Side-pass
. Passenger lesson
. Head down Cue

In this lesson "The Foundation" we are establishing a solid foundation under saddle. Because this is the beginning, we will ride with one hand or on a loose rein to keep the horse moving forward. Some disciplines require contact and the use of two reins, but this is the beginning of your horse's training and we do not want to interfere with forward impulsion. Contact with two reins will be the focus in future lessons.

This lesson assumes that you have completed the "Bridle Work" exercises outlined in iHorseTrainer to teach the horse the eight essential riding cues from the ground. It is a good idea to know how the cues/aids influence body parts first, before you advance to the canter/lope. There may be some oppertunities to canter/lope in this app. If you feel that you are a confident rider, you may canter your horse, but we suggest that you perfect the walk/trot exercises first.

Your job is two-fold: To make sure the cues that you taught are transferred to saddle then to add your leg aid to assist you. As you improve your horse, you will become less reliant on your hands and more reliant on your seat/legs to guide the horse.

At this level we are not worried about straightness or speed control. We will work on those in later lessons.


In this lesson, We will Answer Questions Like:

. How Do I Use the Aids/Cues to Get a Specific Response?
. What Are the Aids/Cues to "Whoa" or Slow Down?
. What Does Each Aid/Cue Control?
. How Do I Teach My Horse to Go Forward?
. What Are the Aids/Cues to "Go"?
. Whose Responsibility is it to Maintain the "Forward" While in Each Gait?
. How Do I Encourage My Horse To Take Responsibility For Maintaining The Gait?
. How Do I Decide How Strong My Correction Should Be?
. How Do I Teach My Horse To Respond To Light Driving Aids?
. How Do I Use Each of the Driving Aids?
. How Do I Teach My Horse To Respond To My Seat?
. How Do I Teach My Horse To Respond To My Voice?

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