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Round Pen (not yet available)
Teacher: Western Dressage University
Released: 01-09-2012
Level: Beginner
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Get access to all the tutorials in the course now!  
Designs vary. Traditional designs intended for control of untamed feral horses are made of heavy lumber and up to 8 feet (2.4 m) high, to prevent the animal from jumping out or running through the fence. Traditional round pens have closely spaced rails that allow foot room for a human to climb out of the pen, but also give the fence great strength and also discourage the animal from seeking escape due to the near-solid appearance of closely spaced rails. Most modern round pens, however, are intended for domesticated horses who do not fear humans.
Western Dressage University
Simplification is the key to success! The more technical you make horse training, the longer it takes to see results. If the handler does not get it, the horse will not get it. Western Dressage University has carefully simplified dressage training so any person or horse will understand the method of dressage.
Western Dressage University is a progressive innovator. We have spent a considerable amount of time and energy to carefully simplify many of the Classical traditions without minimizing the value. It is imperative to train our equine partners without technical confusion. With innovation comes new approaches, ideas, and concepts. WDU was not developed solely just on Classical principles alone, but balances and incorporates both western and classical ideas, concepts, and principles. We hope you enjoy this new progressive approach to equine development know as Western Dressage. 

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Working in Hand 12-02-2011
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