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Western Dressage
NOTE: This module assumes taming and sacking out the horse is already completed!!!!  Learn how to build a western horse that is soft, supple, and balanced with a step-by-step progressive  Western / Classical method. From the first ride to lateral movement, you will learn why, how, and troubleshoot problems so you can be effective with your training.

Courses in this category:
"Western Methods with Classical Concepts" Simplification is the key to success! The more technical you make horse training, the longer it takes to see results. This course was carefully constructed to simplify dressage training without compromising the integrity of Classical methods. Simplicity, efficiency and attainable goals will inspire people to achieve greater partnerships with their horse. If the handler does not get it, the horse will not get it either. This course is a step-by-step simplified progressive method that breaks down dressage training without the technical complexity. This course has 4 modules: Foundation, Shoulders, Haunches, and Lateral movement. We have included: over 50 lessons, "success tips" hundreds of animations, hundreds diagrams, 4 quizzes, and helpful "troubleshooting" to help you succeed. Prerequisites: This course assumes that you have completed "All in-hand Ground Work" exercises outlined in the in-Hand course."Foundation": 14 simplified lessons that will help with the first ride and establish a solid foundation under saddle by transitioning the cues...
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