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"Simplification Bridges the Gap"  


Welcome to Western Dressage University.  Simplification is the key to success! The more technical you make horse training, the longer it takes to see results. If the handler does not get it, the horse will not get it either. WDU has carefully simplified each lesson so any person or horse will understand.  
Western Dressage University is a progressive innovator. We have spent a considerable amount of time and energy to bring simplicity and clarity to the many Classical principles  without minimizing the value. It is imperative to train our equine partners without technical confusion. With innovation comes new approaches, ideas, and concepts. WDU was not developed solely just on Classical principles alone, but balances and incorporates both Natural Horsemanship and Classical ideas, concepts, and principles. We hope you enjoy this new progressive approach to equine development known as Western Dressage. 

In the last year, "Western Dressage" has taken off as a new discipline, but there are
   very limited resources to help teach western riders the methods of classical dressage training. The W.D.U. project is an open "source project", meaning that it doesn't rely on only one person's interpretation of Classical teaching. The Western Dressage University is "bridging the gap" between both English and Western worlds to build a network of educators and contributors that want equestrians to have accurate knowledge of horsemanship. This platform utilizes the knowledge and talents of many different people in order to have something for everyone. Not just book knowledge, but W.D.U. is also designed to network valuable resources in the form of hands-on personal trainers, clinics, and instructors. Two and a half years ago in August of 2009, we had a vision to build a step-by-step comprehensive on-line equine university. Our students wanted accurate instruction that would be effective, flexible, and would have mobile accessibility. As this project took form, technology kept changing and advancing to the point where we could provide this diversified educational platform to our students. We are proud to introduce Western Dressage University online and mobile. Now our students can take this training aid into the arena by using an iPhone, iPad, blackberry, Droid or even your laptop if you have WIFI. 

We also encourage cooperative, supportive partnerships with clubs, groups, facilities, and organizations to utilize this exciting, dynamic learning platform. We provide our members with valuable training information that is diversified and inclusive to both English and Western disciplines. Feel free to browse the University's website and start learning how to develop your horse's talent through W.D.U. Please contact us if you would like to be part of our team.
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